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Our treatment modalities include exposure and response prevention for OCD, cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders and habit reversal training for tics and body-focused repetitive behaviors. 


Exposure and response prevention has substantive research to support its effectiveness with OCD in adult and pediatric populations.  The treatment entails a thorough evaluation of specific symptoms, psychoeducation about OCD, planning for how to challenge the OCD and then working on these challenges or exposures.  Exposures include purposely instigating the anxiety by doing the things that will trigger the obsessions while resisting the compulsions..  


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Cognitive behavioral treatment or CBT for anxiety disorders has also been shown to be effective across the various populations.  Treatment includes a thorough evaluation, psychoeducation about anxiety, as well as some active skills to manage the anxiety. The crux of the treatment also includes exposure to the things that are most challenging to the individual’s anxiety. 


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Habit reversal training or HRT is helpful to individuals with tics or body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) to become more aware and manage the symptoms.  It has some good research supporting its effectiveness and continues to be researched. The treatment includes awareness training, providing psychoeducation about the nature of the tics or BFRBs, using practical strategies to manage the urges and explore alternative methods to help meet the individual’s needs, as well as strategies to manage urges. 

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